Wound healing and tissue regeneration

Wound healing and tissue regeneration is a complex multi-stage process. Various and multiple components are involved in the different stages of tissue regeneration. Injured or damaged tissue requires multiple components, e.g., structural proteins and signaling factors, to complete healing at the site of injury. Many of these components have been identified in extracellular matrix (ECM), including fibrous proteins such as different collagen types, elastin, fibronectin, and laminin. ECM also may comprise glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as heparin sulfate, and various growth factors.

During tissue healing, repair or regeneration, these components play various roles, including, but not limited to, up-regulating or down-regulating different stages of the healing process. Rather than one single biomolecule, a number of different components work together to facilitate healing and repair at each stage. Several types of signaling factors are often needed for a specific stage of the healing process to occur. For example, a growth factor may signal a stem cell from the host to migrate to the site of injury. The host cell may need a substrate or structural protein (e.g., a specific collagen type, laminin, or elastin) for attachment or binding to the site, and a different growth factor for signaling in order to differentiate into site-specific tissue.

StemSys Technology- multi-tissue platform (MTP)

Each tissue source has a different variety and amount of the components that comprise the ECM.  After years of research, StemSys has engineered the multi-tissue platform (MTP), a proprietary combination of different ECM tissue sources to maximize not only the diversity of the components, but also the amounts. StemSys uses ECMs that have high quantities of biomolecules which facilitate site- specific healing.

Not limited to the biomolecules of one tissue source, the StemSys MTP custom blends multiple ECMs to offer a wider range of biomolecules.  There are an almost endless number of possible combinations of ECMs that can be designed for site specific defects and applications to help even the most severely wounded heal.

Each multiple ECM tissue source contains a unique combination of bioactive molecules, including:










Facilitate healing: A custom blend of multiple tissue sources provides the body access to higher amounts of biomolecues to facilitate healing.

Save time: There is no waiting for a scaffold to breakdown in the wound.  The ECM scaffold has been processed into a powder.  Upon application, the body has immediate access to the biomolecules. 

Easy to use: Conforms to irregular shaped wounds and is easy to apply. 

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