Modern medicine is making progress in how we can treat severe injuries, but even with today's technology, there are limits to how we can help heal wounded patients..StemSys® was founded and the multi-tissue platform (MTP) developed in an effort to overcome limitations of tissue devices developed to date and help heal even the most severely injured.

StemSys MTP Technology

Wound healing and tissue regeneration is complex.  Injured or damaged tissue requires multiple biomolecules to facilitate healing at the site of injury. Many of these biomolecules have been identified in extracellular matrix (ECM).  To date, ECM wound products have been derived from one tissue source, limiting the quantity and variety of biomolecules in the medical device.  The multi-tissue platform (MTP) has now been developed. No longer limited to the biomolecules of a single ECM, the StemSys MTP combines multiple tissue sources in varying ratios providing the body access to more biomolecules. 

With over 20 years of experience working in the field of tissue regeneration, StemSys is committed to developing novel medical devices that help restore the function of disease or injured tissue and help even the most severely injured heal. 

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XCelliStem Wound Powder

Facilitates Healing

Product derived from the multi-tissue platform (MTP). A custom blend of multiple tissues offers the body more biomolecules that are needed to facilitate healing. 

Saves Time

There is no waiting for a scaffold to breakdown in the wound.  The ECM scaffold has been processed into a powder.  Upon application, the body has immediate access to the biomolecules. 

Easy to use

In powder form, XCelliStem is easy to apply and can cover even the most irregular shaped wounds.  

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Click to watch StemSys featured on ABC News .  “Magic powder heals wounds nothing else can”

Click to watch StemSys featured on ABC News. “Magic powder heals wounds nothing else can”